Saturday, September 19, 2009

Zeolite Liquid has changed my Psoriasis

Everyday, when I awake - I'm excited to take a look at the patches of psoriasis on my legs, to see how they are going away. I'm seeing new skin rising to the surface, and it makes me feel excited to realize that soon I may be able to wear shorts and not be embarrassed.

But, it hasn't always been that way. I've had psoriasis since my mid-20s, it started on my scalp and over the years has spread to my elbows, knees, shins, mid section and a few other spots in places I don't want to mention. Of course, I did the "normal" thing and went to general practitioners and begged them to refer me to dermatologists,  who only prescribed the standard creams, lotions and potions to slather on my skin night and day. The problem with those medications, is that the skin never really heals - it just stops the itching and the redness... some. My doctor made a funny one day, and told me that psoriasis isn't a disease, it's a hobby.

About 5 years ago, I made a decision to stop the steroid creams, and ask the Universe for a remedy that wasn't going to harm my liver, and would be natural and safe to use. It took a while, but last December I was told that a mineral called liquid Zeolite, would go into my blood stream and remove the heavy metals from my body's cells. Having heard from some of the holistic practitioners, that removing the mercury amalgams from my mouth is the best thing I could ever do, if I wanted my skin to clear up - the Zeolite made sense.

The other thing I realized, was that Zeolite was simple and easy. Sometimes, we, as humans, think the solution to a problem needs to be difficult and complicated. NOT ALWAYS. Zeolite has been used in water and air filtration for many years, and the Chinese have been using it as a medicine for nearly 800 years. Hmmmm.

Westerners are always way behind when it comes to medical technology, it seems. Doctors in the U.S. only  want to prescribe medications that have lots of side effects, don't work, and sometimes have fatal consequences.

Anyway - what I'm trying to say, is:  "Try it for yourself - and see." Liquid Zeolite is like oral chelation, without the side effects. It's safe enough for babies, pregnant moms as well as your pets. The biggest lesson I've learned this year, is that it's NOT WHAT YOU PUT IN OR ON YOUR BODY THAT MAKES YOU WELL - IT'S WHAT YOU TAKE OUT.

Mull that over for a while - watch for more posts AND photos of my skin progress.